Arts and Crafts is a virtual studio which showcases the work of some of the
finest up and coming Arts and Crafts People & Artists on the scene today

  • Phantom_of_the_Opera-bogwood-sculpture
  • gregory pyra silver ring
  • gregory-pyra-jewellery-gold- 20
  • mists-of-time-giclee-print-vashti
  • hannah_jewellery_flowers_and_pendants_004
  • wristlet1
  • kracken-driftwoos-sculpture
  • gregory pyra silver ring2
  • hymn-to-creation-giclee-print-vashti
  • hearts mixture 1
  • flowers_and_pendants_002



If you`re interested in arts and crafts, or maybe you`re an arts and crafts designer/maker yourself, please feel free to look through our online studio for inspiration...
If you do produce objects/designs in the arts and crafts field,  and you`d like
to see your work on here, please contact us through the contact page. Thanks!




 The long-term goal of this site will be to showcase the work of exciting arts and crafts people, both known, and currently unknown, and give them a place where they can showcase their work to a wider audience. If you feel your work would be suitable, for display on this arts and crafts site, please contact us for details


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